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Page 9 Transmission Control! Page 5 1 Terminator LS! Simply bolt it on, feed it a few basic answers and let Terminator EFI take control of your ride! Easy to install No computer experience required Hand-held included Simple multiple choice set-up wizard Self-tunes while you drive Upgradeable to complete laptop control without buying another ECU Easy-to-use EFI from the fuel systems experts! Austin Dillon s name, likeness, signature and the AD stylized logo are registered trademarks of Austin Dillon. The Dow Chemical Company. Trademark of the Dow Chemical Company or an affiliated company of Dow. Now you just get in and go just like a new car! The drivability and off angle performance is unbelievable compared to my carb.

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You’re giving away all your secrets Emissions inspections Possible solution – high flow cat. I have a “Solo” brand high flow.

Not too hard to use, good support, and a wealth of info on their forum. If you were going in for a single tune and unlikely to ever do more I’d say your better off just having it tuned and be done with it. But as things progress, I will eventually boost the goat. Right now I’m still getting adjusted to RWD and taking my time to refurbish this car after the previous owner neglected it. I see HPTuners has the AutoTune feature, I’m a big believer in automation so that’s definitely a plus and means you can tune on the street easier.

Do you have to buy some sort of “license” per car with HPTuners? Because if not, then making some coin on the side could be of interest for me. For one, that intake is pretty crap and it’s probably not worth it for the money you paid for it. There are other equally priced pieces that will benefit you more. Also, there’s no reason to get 2 widebands, 1 is enough.

AEM X-Series Wideband Controller is Smokin’ Fast

First off let me tell you that I have resisted the urge to make this post for quite sometime now. I know that it will be coolly received, scoffed at, and just plain flamed. But a couple things have transpired recently which are finally going to get the project started.

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This FAQ was carefully revised by me and Halfcent. This was meant to get straight to the point and to the answer and as much as possible not to sound biased, negative or demeaning to the reader. This was about 3 days of compiling, revising, re-reading and correcting grammatically. We hope you can learn from this and have a better understanding afterwards.

Running rich can cause a loss in power, while running too lean may result in serious engine damage. The 4-Channel Wideband UEGO controller is ideal for anyone using an engine management system or data logger to monitor individual cylinder AFR in an effort to maximize engine power where individual cylinder trims are needed. The kit has both V and CAN outputs for integration with any engine management or data system, and features optional exhaust backpressure compensation.

The unit features a shock and weatherproof housing, allowing it to be mounted virtually anywhere in the vehicle without worry. Stainless steel bungs, specially designed for use in individual port applications, feature a finned design to reduce sensor body temperature and minimize exhaust port restriction. The bung is specifically designed so the sensor can provide accurate AFR readings with minimal flow intrusion and survive extreme exhaust gas temperatures. Free air calibration requires the sensor to sit in free-air, heated for at least two minutes, and most importantly maintaining consistent battery voltage.

Each Bosch sensor is accurate to 0.

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So much so that when they began supporting a few Ford vehicles no one really noticed. The initial Ford release was missing a few parameters that I personally feel should have been included, but HP Tuners did listen to the community and has updated their software to include the missing parameters. HPT now has a quality product for tuning your Ford Mustang! Follow along as I give you a crash course on how to tune your own Mustang with basic bolt-ons.

Our project car is a Mustang GT with a 5 speed manual transmission.

There is a major advantage to using this technology vs. Please read the weblink if you would like to know more their wideband technology. The wideband installation is simple if you have a basic set of tools and a drill. All you are required to do is hook up the power and ground leads, mount the gauge, drill a hole in the firewall and run the wideband sensor wire into the engine compartment.

Then have a local exhaust shop weld in a bung for the WO2. They are same as regular O2 bungs and can be ordered from my shopping cart site. If this is over your head check with your local speed shop for your wideband installation. Please read about their Critical Response Technology if you would like to learn more about their wideband technology. These widebands are highly accurate, very fast, and the gauge just looks cool!

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Booth located near registration in Central Hall, Racing and Performance. September 11, – Rick Wahlberg’s turbo Hayabusa previously mentioned back in our June newsletter has been featured in Super Street Bike magazine’s August issue full article. The article details modifications made to their record breaking EVO VII and details on how they have squeezed every last bit of speed from their top performing machine while working on a tight budget.

Team Professional Awesome has been mentioned here before – June 28th video below , September 27th , November 14th Congratulations to Professional Awesome and keep up the great work! June 28, – Record breaking videos from Zeitronix tuned team Professional Awesome.

Transcription 1 Application Note: Information in this document has not been verified. Use at your own risk. Incorrectly Adjusting the Electronic fuel injection system can cause severe engine damage. The author assumes no liability for any damages associated with the use of this information. It is not intended as an installation manual for the Innovate Motorsports equipment, but as a tutorial for interfacing that equipment with the Xcal 2.

Please refer to manufacturer s manuals for details, warnings, and other specific information. Parts Needed To set up your data logging system, you will need the following pieces: LC-1 or LM-1 unit installed 2.

How to wire aem afr sensor for logging