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View Comments Share One of the most common questions I hear daily is: Before we begin, you will want to have a copy of the product documentation that came with your Bluetooth-enabled device. This information is very important as it contains instructions on how to put your Bluetooth-enabled device into pairing mode. So what is pairing mode and why is it important to me? Pairing mode is what allows a Bluetooth-enabled device to accept a new connection from another Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your BlackBerry smartphone. In order to pair two Bluetooth-enabled devices, one of them must be placed into pairing mode while the other device searches for it. Once the initial connection is made during the pairing process, you will be prompted to accept the connection between the two Bluetooth-enabled devices. You then have the option to trust the connection, which will allow the two Bluetooth devices to communicate with one another without the need to accept the connection request each time. To find out how to put it into pairing mode, I reviewed the User Guide found at the BlackBerry Documentation website, and came across the following section which guides me through the pairing process with my BlackBerry smartphone from start to finish.

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Feb 4, , 6: Hi I would like to connect two bluetooth headset or even one bluetooth headset and another wired headset to the same mobile phone or tablet or computer so that two or more people can listen the same song or same audio file at the same time. I think the first mobile manufacturer that comes up with this solution and even add more featuers to it like for example the two persons connected can talk to each other while listening to the same song will make a fortune.

I bet Nokia will do it first on their Lumian What do you think guys? Please note that some BT speakers work better with others I.

Product description. Plantronics’ CT12 GHz DSS Cordless Headset Telephone is an ultra-compact single-line telephone, offering hands-free convenience and comfort, the unique in-use indicator light that lets others know you are on the phone.

Makes it nice for those who wish to use just an ear piece. Was wanting to upgrade as we were experiencing a lot of background noise, and unclear calls. This headset solved the problem. They work great just what we needed Review by County Auditor Rating Lightweight Review by Quality Rating This product was first purchased as a trial headset for our staff due to the Plantronics Duo Pro was discontinued.

The positive feedback that I received back on this product was amazing. Personnel loved how lightweight, comfortable, and the different configurations you can utilize. Once purchased from Headsetdirect, the product was delivered within a week. Comfortable but break easy Review by Mickie Rating We ordered 3 of these to try. They are comfortable and lightweight. However, the over-the-ear piece has broken on all three.

For the cost, not worth it to replace them after less than months. Purchasing through us gives you a full warranty from Plantronics.

How to Put a Plantronics Bluetooth in Pairing Mode

The trick to picking up the right Bluetooth headset for your needs is to first understand your needs. Before you buy the Bluetooth headset, analyze your daily phone call pattern for a week. At the end of every day, go through your call log and write down when you took or placed the calls, the amount of time you spent talking on your phone, where you were, and what you were doing. By the end of the week, you will see a pattern emerge, such as finding out that you spend most of your time talking on the phone at your desk in the office or pacing around.

It should end up looking something like this: With this data in hand, ask yourself these four simple questions to find out the right Bluetooth headset you should purchase.

Jan 30,  · How to Pair a Cell Phone to a Bluetooth Headset. In this Article: Preparing Your Bluetooth Headset Preparing Your Phone Community Q&A Bluetooth headsets are common accessories for modern people-on-the-go. Using a Bluetooth headset with your phone allows you to make and receive calls without needing to touch or hold a phone in your hand, which makes them super .

Plantronics Discovery Plantronics Discovery Bluetooth headset Though Bluetooth headsets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Plantronics Discovery Bluetooth headset stands apart as one of the most unusual models we’ve seen. The box contains much more than a headset and a charger; you’ll also find a series of silver tubes that appear to snap together in some fashion.

The purpose of these pieces may be perplexing at first, but rest assured they all serve a very practical and ingenious function. The cylinder-shaped headset itself is relatively small, measuring just 2 inches long and weighing 0. The compact size and the absence of a boom mic make for a subtle style, and we liked the simple silver-and-black color scheme. Like the Tekkeon EzTalker Mini , the Discovery fits directly in either ear via a rubberized ear gel and can be worn with or without the ear hook.

The headset slips on and off with ease, and you get three sizes of ear gels, so you should get a comfortable and secure fit in almost any ear. In fact, the fit was so secure that we preferred not using the stiff, uncomfortable ear hook at all. Though rather small due to the headset’s size, the controls were easy to find and manipulate during a call. The Discovery also has a ring-shaped LED light that flashes during charging and when the headset is in use. Now on to the ‘s main attraction: The first tube functions not just as a charging base but also as a carrying case.

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That means all-day comfort for all-star performance. Then we made it better. Increased range for maximum mobility, one-touch controls, energy efficient power management, simple plug-and-talk installation — the CS does it all. Make a good call with the new standard in wireless desk phone headset systems.

Plantronics legendary CS family is setting a new wireless standard for desk phone communication with the CS™ Series. The system features the lightest DECT™ headset on the market, a streamlined design and improved performance all with the same reliability for hands-free productivity that has.

Improper fit Review by Nancy Rating I like it except for the fact it doesn’t sit comfortably on my head or my staff’s. There should be about three more inches give in the head band, and then it would be perfect. It seems like it was fitted for a child’s head. Dependable solution Review by Zoots Rating This is a workhorse for our call center. Never a Problem Review by Christine Rating I have been doing business with Headsets Direct for years and have never had an issue with either the products or the service.

The SupraPlus Headset is light and durable. Review by Laura Rating Been using it daily on the 8 to 4 shift and love it. Very comfortable, good sound quality and doesn’t give me a headache!

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This means that the user can answer or end a call by selecting the Call Control button on their headset when they are away from their desk. With older phone systems, this is accomplished using a handset lifter which will lift or drop the handset on the phone to control the call. The Plantronics HL10 lifter is shown attached to the side of the phone in the picture. It is connected to a port on the back of the wireless headset a Plantronics CS in this case where it derives its control signals and power.

The newly designed HL10 model uses a straight connector to plug into the back of the CS and Savi W series headsets. However, your existing HL10 can plug into the back of the newer headset model base.

This is my first Plantronics headset and I expected more due to the great reviews from my Plantronics-owner peers. I’ve been through the Jawbone, Gennum, LG, Motorola and Sound ID headsets.

Bluetooth Headsets Wireless Bluetooth Headsets Buying Guide The first few times you saw people talking on Bluetooth headsets, you probably thought they were talking to themselves, but now that they’ve been around for a few years, the tiny devices have become widespread in their use. Bluetooth headsets hook around your ear and allow you to talk on a cell phone, or use with any other Bluetooth-enabled device, completely hands-free.

This will only work if your phone supports Bluetooth wireless technology, but most recent phones do. Additionally, many states now make it a punishable offense to talk on the phone while driving without using a hands-free technology, and most others have legislation in the works to make it illegal in those states as well. Bluetooth Headset What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth creates a wireless personal area network on a radio frequency of 2.

This standard has been agreed upon by device manufacturers internationally, so all devices with the Bluetooth label will be compatible with this standard; because it creates a small area connection, Bluetooth devices can be synced to multiple other devices simultaneously. Additionally, they only need to be in range of each other and don’t need to be aimed at each other so you can keep your phone in your pocket or even another room and it won’t interfere with the signal.

How do I connect a plantronics headset to an NEC DT700 series phone

It’s made of matte black plastic, with a shiny blue accent ring that runs along the perimeter. The clear, plastic ear hook is the same shade of blue. There’s a power switch on one side, a volume control button on the other, and the headset’s body works as the Call button. The headset is an on-ear design, which means the rubber ear tip rests on your ear rather than in your ear canal.

There are no alternative ear tips or hooks in different sizes in the package. The plastic ear hook isn’t detachable, but it’s rounded and flexible, making the headset comfortable to wear for long periods at a time.

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Range up to feet meters Digital Signal Processing Conclusion This is an enterprise-grade wireless headset offering many useful controls and indicators as well as lifelike sound. Keep in mind, though, that the piece you will be interacting with most is the headset. Getting that right is key to making the most of your system. There are really only 3 main components: They are usually covered with soft foam or padding for comfort, but in-ear and on-ear options are also available.

The microphone Again, this is a device you are probably fairly familiar with. It converts your voice or other sounds and converts them into electronic signals. The microphone may incorporate noise reduction or sound processing features to better capture your voice. The connection This part is different than other headsets, as it connects directly to your computer or to a special VoIP device. There are two main types of connection — wired and wireless.

Wireless VoIP headsets often rely on Bluetooth technology, just like many smart phone headsets. Monaural or Binaural — Monaural headsets feature a single earpiece that can be fitted for either the right or left ear, enabling the user to switch listening focus easily between their immediate workplace and their calls.

Plantronics Savi W710-M Wireless Headset (84003-01)

Noise canceling feature for zero external noise pollution Multi-point technology with echo cancellation and four mic support for sound clarity Compatible use with any smartphone devices such as Windows, Apple, Mac OS, iPad, and even desktop phones Certified for Skype for business and Optimized for Microsoft Lync Standard talk time: Up to 9 days on stand-by mode Size LWH: The product is available in both gorgeous black and white color of Harman Kardon Signature Sound.

It has retractable ear buds with fabulous wire management that send sound with premium noise filters wherein the user would not hear any external disturbances. The Bluetooth version is about 3. Whether traveling around, working out at the exercise center, or just strolling around town, the adaptability of utilizing wireless earphones work well.

Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset System for Office Telephones. Refurbished and Thoroughly Tested by Dedicated Wireless Headset Technician. Break Free From Your Desk and Roam Up to Feet Across the Office While Staying Productive on Sales or Support Calls.

Comfortable and stable in the ear no matter how much you move or sweat Wireless design helps in avoiding tangles and snags Relatively long battery life for its size Great sound quality Neoprene pouch doubles as phone armband Lack of a dedicated Volume Down button No multi-point to enable connecting to 2 Bluetooth devices Pouch is too small for bigger phones Takes a couple of seconds to put on Design And Materials I wasn’t expecting to like the Fit as much as I do.

But everything from the Fit’s design to its materials makes it feel sporty yet premium, so you’d know your money didn’t get wasted on a cheap and flimsy product. Did you say “flexible? However, it adds a lot of improvements to the concept. Most of the Backbeat Fit is made from a flexible rubbery material that dons the neck strap, ear tips, and ear stabilizers. This design choice is why the Fit lets you enjoy your chosen audio while simultaneously keeping you aware of your surroundings.

The tip and the small loop are one piece that rotates slightly about 15 degrees to accomodate your specific ear type. Both have a microphone hole on the side that’s closer to your mouth. And both carry two buttons: This results in a few mishaps the first times you try to use the headset. There’s no fine-grain control over how many steps you lowered the volume, you just have to figure it out as you’re holding the button and let go when you feel you reached the level you want.

Buttons on the same headset:

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This guide will cover the standard installation procedures of the phone and headsets. Installing the Lync phone — Polycom CX On the back of the phone you will notice that there are two network interfaces which work as a basic network switch. The LAN port connects to the network jack in the wall that connects to the network switches this port also powers the phone via POE and the PC network interface connects to the workstation.

You are able to reconfigure your headset for your left ear, change to a different-sized ear tip and ear loop or install the headband. Changing Your Headset Configuration Remove the ear tip from the headset by gently pulling it. Headband Assembly Headband Configuration You are able to rotate the headset for wearing on the left or right ear depending on what suits you. You will need to remove the ear tip and ear loop from the headset prior to installing the headband. Refer to the below diagram to line the headband with the headset as shown.

Position Your Headset Headset Position When wearing the headset, ensure the microphone is resting as close as possible to your cheek without touching it.

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