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Susan Strong lives underground with the members of the Hyooman tribe , whom she leads in an attack against the Candy Kingdom. At first, she cannot speak much English and is afraid of many things, but Finn and Jake teach her about the ways of Ooo. Susan returns in the season three episode ” Beautopia. Susan, Finn, and Jake use fire to fight off the Lub Glubs , scary monsters that take the form of pool floats, allowing the Hyooman tribe to return to their city. At the end of the episode, Susan allows Finn to feel under her hat, letting Finn know if she is human or not; however, Finn’s reaction does not reveal the truth to the viewer. However, three seasons later, In the episode “Dark Purple,” Susan rips off her hat to reveal that she is indeed a human, but appears to have some sort of cybernetic implant on the left side of her head which means she is a cyborg. It is revealed in the episode, “Preboot” that Susan’s implant has something to do with Dr. Gross , and that until this point, was deactivated. When it becomes activated due to electricity in “Reboot,” she speaks in a robotic-sounding voice and attempts to take Finn to the edge of the ocean, claiming he is her “objective.

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Share this article Share ‘We are an official item now yes! I feel very lucky that I’ve met someone that I’m getting on so well with. They all got on really well thank God! The pair, who won the series of Strictly, are among nine couples taking part in the tour Still smiling:

Jun 28,  · Today, Cube Entertainment and DSP Media both confirmed that KARA’s Hara (21) and BEAST’s Junhyung (23) are currently dating. DSP Media stated that .

There are two different stories to how the association came to be: As the shishi was considered the “King of Animals”, shishi and botan together were considered fitting companions. Copyright Mistvan There are a number of different variations of this legend, some slightly more elaborate than others. This retelling is a generalized version: A Japanese monk, having crossed through India and China in search of knowledge, decided to set out to Wutaishan Mt.

Along his way as he was about to cross a very narrow stone bridge, the monk was approached by a youth carrying fire-wood. The youth cautioned the monk not to proceed over the bridge as the country beyond, while paradise was infested with lions which would devour him if he was not protected by spiritual power. The monk paused for a while to ponder upon what the youth said.

Then suddenly the area became fragrant and the air rang with beautiful music. As the youth revealed himself to the monk as the Bodhisattva Monju, a shishi emerged from the forest and danced around a growing peony. Hashi bridge Auspicious Nature Shishi serve as gardians to both Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, traditionally as a pair.


The ending was too abrupt and didn’t really satisfy. Also this is a clean romance so there weren’t any sexy times scenes. There was no indication he was a manwhore before due to something that happens with this ex-girlfr Book started out great and was very interesting. There was no indication he was a manwhore before due to something that happens with this ex-girlfriend before.

♥ JunHyung reactions when BEAST met KARA through B2ST Almighty. ♡ JunHyung talks about get a girlfriend on BEAST’s Guerilla Date. ♥ Hara favorited a tweet .

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B2st’s Junhyung and Kara’s HARA [JUNRA]. 1, likes. Junhyung-Hara is the first idol couple that has been announced in publicity.

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Can you hear it? The laughter and the screaming and the hum of everything. This city is a symphony. And I’m her speaker. Alison’s parents had a tense relationship, because her father was a stoic law student, while her mother was a free-spirited entertainer.

Jun 28,  · Guess K-Pop only has room for one idol couple at a time. Just a week ago, SHINee‘s Jonghyun and rising actress Shin Se Kyung announced their split, and now BEAST‘s Junhyung and KARA‘s Hara have swiftly taken up residence as the next young celebrity : ♡ Special K-POP ♡.

Please refer to this site: My Korean friend visit me yesterday and we were talking a lot about Kpop. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here. Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread.

That immortal thread because I want to hear her view about it. So here they are: I envy her I just think an inside perspective will be interesting to shared. She said some SM staff told her that Onew is really considering to quit from the business.

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The pair have always denied any kind of relationship, but they were dogged with romance rumours both during and after their time on the programme together. The stories weren’t helped when Natasha split with her long-term partner Mike Barnard soon after the show, with Brendan also splitting with his girlfriend Camilla Dallerup. The funny thing was the story did not start off as true, but the more you read it, the more you started to believe it and actually act on it.

The First National Bank is launching a new program that will honor a Student of the Month at high schools in Vandalia, Ramsey, Patoka, Mulberry Grove and Greenville.

History Origin Tamaran ‘s Princess Koriand’r was the second of three children. Her older sister, Komand’r was the first in the line of succession, but she was crippled by a childhood illness that robbed her of her natural Tamaranian ability to convert ultraviolet light into flight energy, so she was deemed not worthy to be queen and the succession fell to Koriand’r.

When both sisters were sent to train with the legendary Warlords of Okaara , the bitter Komand’r ran off, allying herself with the Citadel. They used Komand’r’s information to successfully invade the planet Tamaran. King Myand’r turned Koriand’r over to the Citadel to ensure peace. Koriand’r endured six years of torture and sexual abuse until she and Komand’r were both released for experimentation by the Psions.

The Psions , who are largely sadistic scientists, performed a deadly experiment on both of the sisters to see just how much energy their Tamaranian bodies could absorb before exploding from the overload. During the procedure, forces loyal to Komand’r attacked the Psion ship to rescue her and while the Psions were distracted, Kory broke free using her new starbolts destructive blasts of solar energy which were a result of the experimentation.

Against her better judgment, she decided to free Komand’r who was still absorbing energy. However, far from grateful, Komand’r struck her sister down with the same – but much stronger – starbolt power and had her restrained for later execution. Koriand’r escaped and eventually found her way to Earth, where she gained the help of the Teen Titans. She chose to remain with the team and took the name Starfire, and quickly formed a romantic relationship with Dick Grayson , then – as Robin – the leader of the team.

Koriand’r is physically regarded as extremely attractive even by the standards of the superhero.

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Nomi added that they “owed their lives to each other” and said the past “does always remain a part of your present, that it all at once surrounds you like air and gravity — real, invisible, necessary”. Read More Nomi opened up about their strained relationship Image: Twitter She detailed their final meeting in a heart-wrenching story Image: Twitter The writer, who also works as an agony aunt, had previously written about being in a relationship with someone suffering from depression earlier this year.

She answered a reader’s question in Taylor Magazine in March, while Mac was still dating Ariana Grande , and advised her not to take on her partner’s depression as a burden. Describing depression as a “silent, creeping beast”, Nomi opened up about her experience of supporting Mac while he was struggling to cope with the disease and his addictions.

KARA’s Hara and B2ST’s Junhyung have been revealed to be dating! On June 28th, Cube Entertainment announced, “They had a senior/ junior relationship until they began dating. They’ve been dating.

Share ‘Elijah’s changed over the years. He’s given up,’ she explains. In Unbreakable, Elijah is revealed to be the villain Mr. Glass – aptly named as he suffers from a disease that renders his bones extremely fragile and prone to fracture. Glass is the arch enemy of David – a security guard who possesses supernatural powers of indestructibility. And David appears at the end of Split, where Kevin is a troubled man with 23 personalities – including a superhuman evil entity called The Beast.

The trailer continues with Elijah approaching Kevin at the heavily armed facility and asking: May I meet the beast? The trailer opens with Elijah’s mom revealing how her son is now a different person after being locked up for so many years Origins: Glass – aptly named as he suffers from a disease that renders his bones extremely fragile and prone to fracture ‘I need your abilities to get us all out of here,’ Elijah explains.

Soon Paulson’s doctor experiments on Kevin with a light-emitting machine that coaxes his personalities to appear.

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The talented actor with a good body made his acting debut with a short appearance as Chaz Fink in Priso Break in Shortly after graduating from Northern Illinois University, he joined Teatro Vista, the largest Latino theatre company in the Midwest, which is situated in Chicago. His highly successful theatre career provided him with substantial recognition and popularity and of course, it was not hard for the actor to venture out to television.

However, he did start from short appearances, finishing one project to another, moving places to places until finally landing to California where he was awarded with the role of Joe Cruz, which proved to be his most successful on-screen role.

In , Beast went on an international tour, “Beautiful Show”, which visited 17 cities in 12 different countries from Asia, Europe, North America, and South were also featured in the soundtrack for Korean drama, “Big,” with a song titled “Hateful Person”.

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JUNHARA – accept it 🙂