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Doylestown, PA dhcltr said: We’re buying a new woodburning stove for my parents ‘s 7 bedroom farmhouse and are down to choosing between the vermont casting defiant and the lopi liberty. Any pros or cons on either stove? We’re a little concerned about the catalytic converter system on the vc. Of coarse the dealer raved about how awesome it is, but he’s obviously biased. Newer VC Cat stoves are a lot less maintenance intensive then previous models. The expensive catalytic assembly that was used previously has been replaced with a much more durable housing that lasts much longer. They also use a different Catalytic cumbustor that is cheaper to replace as well. You will need to re-gasket the stove every 5-ish years.

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Posts 14, I could be wrong but I seem to recall hearing that if you burn car gasoline in a camping stove you get some nasty added fumes from the additives in the gas. This might not be a big deal if you were using the stove outdoors in the usual camping mode, but could be a much bigger issue if you have this thing down in the cabin on a boat. I’ll also say this This at least reduces the risk because it keeps fuel fumes outside the cabin, it means you are only using the stove when you are sitting quietly at anchor, and means that if the stove flares up something I expect anyone who has camped much has seen and seems to be getting out of control you’ve got a good chance of flinging the whole thing into the briny deep before your boat goes up in flames.

Of course in so doing you will be spilling gasoline into the water. Unfortunately, the options for cooking on a boat small enough that you need a portable stove are not that great, or at least they weren’t when I last looked into this a bunch of years ago.

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The tank is marked Solodur. A sliding key is used to operate the left burner; the burners are cast iron and add considerably to the weight of the stove. The stove features cast iron burners. The stove on the left and covered in the right image was one of perhaps only made in and has a nickel plated brass tank and brass fittings.

The stove in the middle has a steel tank and fittings and little brass; it is dated

Return to top of page. Dating your Stove. Coleman® started dating their stoves in the s with the Military Specification (milspec) line. Commercial stove dating start in the early s.

The cooking surface fits a 6-in. Wind baffles help shield your flame from the wind so the most heat possible goes into making your meal. Rated 5 out of 5 by Conner D from Easy to use I spent quite a bit of time in the forest near my home and this little jewel is perfect for my outings. I fuel up with unleaded gasoline and off I go.

Setup is worry free, a little bit of pumping, open the valve and light it with a ferro rod striker. It generates plenty of heat for quickly boiling water or to cook a full meal. The adjustment valve is responsive and consistent. It has seen a lot of use and served me very well. Never failed me, but was getting glitchy, so I replaced it with this model which is very similar, but a little simper and is dual fuel.

I have only tried it out at home, but it seems to work great. Looking forward to another 40 years of use!

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I set up the propane tank, 3 port manifold and Coleman lantern in a few minutes. One of the manifold hoses fits easily into the Coleman regulator assembly. All connections were done by hand and were secure. I opened the stove and secured the wind baffle. I have never seen a propane stove with a flame that looked and felt so hot. I then looked at what size pots I could use with this stove.

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Darren Bush March 22, Last updated: November 7, Camping , Manly Skills , Outdoors How to Choose a Camp Stove The question of how to choose a camp stove sometimes ends up being a discussion with the rancor of a religious debate. Ultralighters, basecampers, and everyone in-between has an opinion. There are many stoves on the market, and almost all have unique features that give them their niche. Stoves are usually divided up into two main categories:

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She said it was something they brought in the fifties. I was cleaning it up, and after replacing the pump leather, got pressure in the tank – no rust flakes or pieces rattling about. Three piece cap seal looked like new and sealed well. I’d blown through the burner assembly, and thought no cobwebs I’ll fire it up! So I emptied part of a tin of Coleman fuel into the tank and pumped it up.

I’ve been priming my Speedmaster by putting alcohol in the burner assembly like a lantern primer-cup , so I mounted the tank on the case and poured methyl-hydrate into the burner – and lit it quick before it all drained through the holes. When it was almost out I turned on the fuel and it took off right away boiling a kettle of water in short order.

My wife had the camera, so no flame shots No photobucket either yet. When I was cleaning the tank, I’d read that Coleman stamped the tab on tank with the date. However I saw no evidence of any markings on the tank tabs topside or underside, is there anywhere else which might have a date stamp? In hindsight, the lighting wasn’t great, so I could have missed it The stove still has a legible “Coleman prevent forest fires” Type 2 sticker on the outside and remnants of one on the inside.

Tank and second burner valve wheels are red plastic material. Any idea or thoughts on a production date?

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Fred Kuntz got this unit with the original box and crate not shown and stamped 40 of The stove is model and is dated This Coleman Model B unfired stove is undated but the Wichita newspapers used in the packing are dated May,

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It was restored with a re-enameled ventilator, reproduction globe, a replated globe rest, fount, and associated parts. This single mantled gasoline lantern is also a Coleman Model It has nickel plated brass fount with a built-in pump and has green porcelain enamel ventilator. It uses straight fuel tube with needle within the fount and has very small fuel cap. This was made in Oct.

Although the right image shows you this is in good working condition, it can hold pressure just minutes because of air leak from its unique check valve.

How to Build a Badass DIY Camper Van

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Just check out some of our favorites , most of which cost upwards of six figures. Building a camper van, on the other hand, is trickier but a helluva lot more affordable. You can either go the cheap, bare-bones route or opt for the nicest amenities around, but I prefer an approach that strikes a balance between the two.

Some people fully devote six months to a build-out, but mine took about four months of part-time effort. Should You Buy a Finished Vehicle? Do you really need to go the DIY route? Maybe you can multipurpose the family minivan by buying a great tent or look for an older, less expensive but fully outfitted camper. For example, my wife wanted a nice bed, a bright interior, and a fridge with room for fresh produce. Mountain and touring bike storage was a priority for both of us.

Stay minimalist, but bring a few comfort items. A hammock, French press, guitar, or art supplies can transform a trip. Mock up layouts using tape and cardboard, then install prototype beds, cabinets, and gear drawers. Go on weekend testing trips.

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Since stoves are generally used indoors, many of these antique and vintage stoves are still around, free from rust and even functional, with basic maintenance. Whether the stove you turn up is an old cast iron model or a streamlined art-deco unit, there are ways even a novice treasure hunter can determine the age of a stove. A gas stove will have a valve designed to hook up to a gas line; an electric stove has a cord or a place where one can be attached.

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Posts 69 I have never compared a coleman stove on fuel to one on propane. I did camp with a couple that brought a propane bottle hooked up to a cast iron countertop single burner thing. It lit fast and needed no pumping, but at breakfast we cooked the bacon, eggs, and made toast on the coleman and the water for coffee still hadn’t boiled on the propane contraption.

I have used a single burner coleman backpacking stove and a firefly and both were very handy.

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